"Each new life...

No matter how fragile or brief...

Forever changes the world."

The REASON Because of Cody... hosts EVENTS is to
RAISE AWARENESS about SIDS and Safe Sleep for
Babies and to RAISE MONEY so we can continue to EDUCATE others about SIDS and Safe Sleep for Babies.

Our goal is to make sure ALL BABIES ARE SLEEPING SAFELY.

Contact Because of Cody...

815-293-SIDS (7437)               Email:  info@becauseofcody.org               PO Box 24, Bourbonnais, IL 60914

Because of Cody...'s Upcoming Events

                      8th Annual Because of Cody... Golf Outing

                                  July 9, 2016 at Oak Springs Golf Club in St. Anne, IL

                                8th Annual Walk for SIDS & Balloon Release

                                           September 25, 2016 at the Perry Farm in Bourbonnais, IL

                                Pregnancy & Infant Loss Remembrance Service

                                           October 2016 at the American Lutheran Church in Bourbonnais, IL

                     October is SIDS Awareness and 
                     Pregnancy & Infant Loss Remembrance Month
                          How will you show your support this month?

                                   Here are some suggestions: 

                                               *  Educate yourself and share your knowledge.  Spread the word about ways to

                                          reduce the risk of SIDS, suffocation and other accidental infant deaths.

                                               *  Find a way to memorialize your baby's life (or the baby of someone you care 


                                               *  Reach out to a family who has lost a baby.

                                     *  Hang up PINK and BLUE ribbons outside your home or business. 

                                               *  Find am Awareness or Memory Walk or Run to take part in. 

                                     *  Take part in the Wave of Light on October 15th by lighting a candle in honor of

                                          all losses from 7-8pm in your time zone.

                                  ** Because of Cody... would love for all local businesses to take part in our Pin-Up

                                        Campaign during the month of October.  It's a SIMPLE fundraiser, that raises  

                                        money and awareness about SIDS and keeping babies safe while they sleep! 


Click on this link to get all of the details about Because of Cody...'s Pin-Up Campaign.