"Each new life...

No matter how fragile or brief...

Forever changes the world."

Contact Because of Cody...

815-293-SIDS (7437)                         Email:  info@becauseofcody.org                     PO Box 24, Bourbonnais, IL 60914

Because of Cody... is always looking for people to get involved with their organization.  If you are interested in getting involved, please contact 

any of the Board Members. 

Kari Jemar - Financial Advisor

Kari is the mother of 2 children, Ryan - 15 and Lyndsay - 8.  She and her husband Chris have been married for 20 years. 

Kari works for Bradley Elementary School District in their financial office.  She brings many years of financial experience with her to the board.  She's always available to help Because of Cody... out when direction is needed financially.  Because of Cody... is grateful to have someone with her knowledge and experience available to them to help out when needed. 

Kari spends much of her time watching her son play baseball.  He is a great baseball player and plays a majority of the year.  She has also been a Dance Mom since her daughter Lyndsay got involved with dance a few years ago.  Kari is dedicated to and enjoys working out.  She also enjoys reading and attending her nieces and nephew's events when she has extra time. 

Judy Jo Arbour - Vice President / Co-founder

Judy Jo is the mother of 2 sons, JT (Cody's father) and Jeff.  She and her husband Joe have been married for 39 years.  She has a wonderful daughter-in-law, Barb and three grandsons, Cayden, her angel baby Cody and Tyson. 

Judy Jo is a "Jack of all Trades."  She has worked in many different professions.  Right now she is enjoying her job working at G&G Printing in Bradley.  Judy Jo is also a hair stylist.  She does hair at Clancy Gernon Funeral Homes as well as other funeral homes in the area.  She is amazing with Interior Home Design & is known for her superb abilities to decorate for Christmas.

Judy Jo's specialty in the organization is Community Outreach.  Judy Jo knows a lot of people and is such a people person.  She is known for stopping pregnant moms or moms with new babies out in public and sharing Because of Cody...'s information with them.  Judy Jo is responsible for the many businesses that have our materials on display and reaching out to the hospitals locally and in surrounding communities.  She keeps us involved with other local organizations as well.  She has been on local radio stations a few times talking about Because of Cody... Judy Jo goes out on speaking engagements with Dawn & is extremely educated as well, especially when it comes to SIDS statistics.  Judy Jo and her husband Joe organize the Annual Golf Outing together each year. 

Judy Jo and her husband recently moved to a farm and are raising chickens.  They enjoy their "Pretty Girls" so much!  They've also began raising bees for their honey.  Each year their garden gets larger and contains so many varieties of delicious foods.  Judy Jo and Joe love sharing their eggs, honey and garden delights with all of their family and friends.  Judy Jo also stays very busy spending as much time as she can with her grandsons Cayden and Tyson.  They bring "Grammee" so much joy. 

Check out For the Love of Honey's facebook page.

Dawn Knapper - President / Co-founder

Dawn is the mother of 3 children, Molly - 21, Hannah - 19 and Jarrod - 14.  She has been married to her husband Joel for 23 years.

After babysitting in her home for over 14 years, caring for family members' and family friends' children Dawn decided to take a part time position working as an Administrative Assistant at American Lutheran Church in Bourbonnais.  Working part time allows Dawn to spend more time working with Because of Cody... 

Dawn and Judy Jo have known each other for over 20 years.  Cody & his brother Cayden were two of the children Dawn cared for her in her years of babysitting.

Dawn's specialty in the organization is Education.  She is always reading and researching trying to learn more so she can share her knowledge with others.  Dawn writes the educational programs Because of Cody... uses to teach in their community.  She enjoys speaking to groups about SIDS & Safe Sleep for Babies.  Dawn has done a lot of the graphics for Because of Cody...  She designed Because of Cody...'s logo, various t-shirts, as well as other promotional and educational items.  Dawn has been instrumental in helping put out a newsletter for Because of Cody... and helping design & develop the website.  She is also responsible for putting the Annual Walk for SIDS together, which takes place the last Sunday in September each year.

Dawn enjoys spending time with her family, especially watching her children participate in sporting events, theatre performances and other extracurricular activities.  She also loves to read and do crafts. 

Because of Cody... Board Members